Change the logo

7 easy steps to add your own logo. From your WordPress dashboard:

Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Customize

Step 2 – Click on Site Identity

Step 3 – Site Logo should be one of the first option. Click Select Logo 

Step 4 – Either choose the image from your Media Library, or drag’n’drop your image into the Media Library to upload it*

Step 5 – Click the Select button in the bottom-right corner

Step 6 – You have the option to crop your logo to only keep what you need in your logo. If you don’t nee to crop it, just click Skip Cropping. Otherwise, make the adjustments and click the Crop Image button.

Step 7 – Click Save & Publish (blue button on the top)

And that’s it! Your logo is up!

*Tips: When you click the Select Logo button, you’ll see the WordPress Media Library. At the top of the window, you’ll see a note that says Suggested image dimensions: —×—. Make sure that the dimensions of your logo are close to these recommendations

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