Add widgets to the footer

3 easy steps to add a widget to the footer:

Step 1 – In your WordPress Dashboard browse to Admin > Appearance > Widgets

Step 2 – you have a series of widgetized areas on the right, 4 of them or for the footer: footer 1, footer 2, footer 3, footer 4. Each of these widgetized area is a column in the footer.

Step 3 – Expand the footer area you want to add a widget to (hover over it and click on the down arrow on the right) then drag the widget of your choice to the expanded area.

Tip: If you leave the widgetized area empty, then the column won’t appear. For example if you put widgets in the Footer 1 and Footer 2 then there will be 2 columns in the footer. If you add another widget in Footer 3 then there will be 3 columns.

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